Cách dùng RESEARCH như Noun và Verb tiếng anh

· Vocabularies

1. Dùng research như NOUN

1.1. Dùng research như noun

RESEARCH là danh từ không đếm được nên không có chuyện RESEARCHES nha

RESEARCH (NOUN) + INTO/ON + STH = nghiên cứu về cái gì

Ví dụ:

  • Scientific/medical research 
  • They are carrying out/conducting/doing some fascinating research into/on the language of dolphins. 
  • He has dedicated his life to scientific research
  • He emphasized that all the people taking part in the research were volunteers. 
  • The state of Michigan has endowed three institutes to do research for industry. 
  • I'd like to see the research that these recommendations are founded on. 
  • It took months of painstaking research to write the book.

1.2. Phân biệt Research và Study

�Đọc kĩ cách dùng từ Study mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn

2. Dùng research như VERB


Sau research cũng có thể không cần giới từ into, mà đi trực tiếp với object luôn vẫn ok

  • She's researching into possible cures for AIDS. 
  • Journalists were frantically researching the new prime minister's background, family, and interests.
  • The amount of time and money being spent on researching this disease is pitiful. 
  • We are researching the reproduction of elephants. 
  • She researched a wide variety of jobs before deciding on law. 
  • He researches heart disease. 
  • The internet has reduced the amount of time it takes to research these subjects.

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